Luke Fielder
Accredited Counsellor

in Bristol and online

I offer psychoanalysis and counselling to adults in the Bristol area and online.

You may be seeking therapy for many reasons,

  • Something has changed in your life that you are struggling to cope with
  • You may want to explore something about ‘who you are’.  Searching for a knowledge about yourself which you feel is there but at the same time seems inaccessible
  • Perhaps you have growing sense of discomfort regarding repeated thoughts and actions that are becoming more unhelpful in your day-to-day life
  • Perhaps someone in your life has told you that it would be ‘good’ for you (or them)

Issues that may be concerning you:

  • Addictions
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Bereavement
  • Depression / low moods
  • Intrusive / obsessive thoughts
  • Relationships and sex 
  • Self-esteem / self-image / identity 
  • Stress
  • Trauma – emotional and sexual

I provide talking-based therapy and psychoanalysis where you are invited to speak freely in a non-judgemental and safe environment.

All my work is psychoanalytically informed and based on the work of Freud and Jacques Lacan. We will explore the causes of suffering therapeutically but also as way of gaining insight about the psyche, in manner that informs change.  Psychoanalysis can also help an individual open up to new ways of thinking and of being.

How to get started?

Taking the first-step

If you are considering therapy or analysis, please contact me for an initial consultation. In this first session, we will discuss your situation and the possibilities of working together, as well as any questions and concerns you may have about the process.

The fee and the frequency of sessions will be discussed and decided during this initial consultation.

Choosing the right therapist and approach

Choosing a counsellor/analyst who is right for you is vital to the success of any therapy – if you feel that what is offered is not what you are looking for, I will happily suggest alternatives or refer you to a colleague.

What's involved?

You will be invited to speak about whatever comes to mind, in as unedited way that you can manage.
Sessions are weekly and variable between 30 and 50 minutes in duration. 
It is usually preferable to work in person but we can work online or by telephone, if required.


The initial consultation is free of charge and can be by telephone or in person.
Fees for therapy sessions depend upon your ability to pay and your personal circumstances.  I take into account whether you are looking for fixed term counselling or taking a longer term approach.
My standard fee for one-session-a-week counselling is £50 with a negotiable rate for additional sessions in the week.

I have a small number of low cost places available.

About me


I am a psychoanalyst in training at the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research (CFAR) and adhere to the CFAR Code of Ethics.

I am also a counsellor accredited with the BACP and support Avon Counselling and Psychotherapy as a Network Associate.

I originally trained at Gloucestershire Counselling Service where I now work as a tutor for their diploma course.

Accredited with the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapy

Get in touch

Contact me:

Initial consultations are by appointment only.

If you would like to speak with me, please get in touch via:

Address: 3rd Floor, 61 Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5NU, United Kingdom.

61 Park Street